5 Tips to Prevent Fire at your Business

5 Tips to Prevent Fire at your Business

Do not let the devastation that a fire brings ruin your business. It is much easier to protect your business against a fire than to rebuild after it occurs. A bit of planning is all that it takes to protect your business. Regardless of your industry, business size, or budget, consider the five tips below to keep things safe and fire-free at your business.

1- Sprinkler System

It is a costly install for a small business, but one that is worth every penny that’s spent. More than 75% of all businesses that experience fire are unable to rebuild due to the extent of the damage. When a sprinkler system is installed, there is less risk that severe damage occurs.

2- Purchase Fire Protection Equipment

A variety of different pieces of fire protection equipment rockland county ny keep your business protected and employees safe. Browse the options and invest in a few of the most beneficial for your business. Options include fire alarms and kitchen suppression systems.

3- Schedule an Inspection

How safe is your business? Schedule an inspection with the fire marshal in the area and you will know firsthand. An annual fire inspection can provide a ton of protection and peace of mind that you will appreciate.

4- Safety & Fire Plan

A well laid out safety and fire exit plan is important to have in place at your business. But do not stop by posting the information. Make sure practice fire drills and other safety measures are taken to ensure employees know how to respond in the event of an actual fire.

5- Electrical Safety

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So many fires start as a result of electrical problems. It is a good idea to inspect the wiring in your facility on a regular basis. Better yet, call out an electrician to help with this task, since they have the skills and expertise to get things done.


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